ISRO : 'LVM3 cloud punch' jumbo poster

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By A47

This highly detailed illustration of the LVM3 (formerly known as the GSLV MKIII) is seen here heroically punching through plumes of clouds and its own exhaust fumes. The LVM3 is ISROs heavy duty launch vehicle!  

Poster Dimensions: 33 by 24 inches

Please note that the product does not include the frame for the poster

Artist’s Note: Adip Mehta:

Retrofuturism is a theme I've always been fascinated by and have been toying with the idea of designing an ISRO poster with it. The challenge was avoiding all the usual retrofuturism tropes like flying cars and floating roads etc. What I’ve done here is preserved the essence of retrofuturism i.e. the structure, the style & the colors. And of course, the hero here, the LVM3 has stark shadows which just adds to the drama and the power it exudes!