Hey! It's finally here!

We, at A-47, with the good folks at the Indian Space Research Organisation have been at this for a while...
So, what is it? 
You see, being massive space nerds (& Indian), it has always baffled us that everywhere we looked, we never saw ISRO represented in a way that any proud Indian could keep or hold a piece of...

ISRO began its frugal life in India 22 years after independence. With the same ferocity carried forward from 1947, it moved a nation forward & put its first satellite into orbit just 6 years later.

A space agency that put an orbiter successfully around Mars on its first attempt. Making India 1 of 4 nations to have an orbiter around our red cousin.
Thus far, it has put 342 satellites into orbit. It launched not 1 but 2 missions to the Moon.

Next, they head to Venus, and beyond.
& most importantly, it's ours, yours and mine.

So, why did we do it? Because we believe in it. And honestly, it's just extremely cool. And now, we've put that belief on paper with a range of officially licensed ISRO merchandise!
Here's a small part of that collection. We hope you don the banner of ISRO proudly and in good health.

Thank you,
& Jai Hind