Fighter: Grey Camouflage SU-30 T-Shirt: Minni Edition

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By A47
SKU: FT_Tee_OS_01_S

Introducing our Grey Camouflage SU-30 Fighter Tee – a fusion of urban style and aviation might. This camouflage t-shirt features a bold SU-30 graphic dominating the back, evoking the power and precision of high-altitude flight. The sleek camouflage panel on the shoulder sleeve adds an urban edge to the design.

At the front, a Minni badge complements the Air Dragons badge, creating a subtle yet impactful detail. Crafted for those who appreciate both fashion and aviation, this tee seamlessly blends camouflage cool with the dynamic essence of Fighter. Elevate your wardrobe with a piece that effortlessly merges street-style sophistication with the spirit of the skies.

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