‘ISRO GSLV MKIII’ Photo Pop Art Poster

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By A47

The GSLV MKIII or Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle MKIII is a three-stage heavy lift launch vehicle developed by ISRO. The vehicle has two solid strap-ons, a core liquid booster and a cryogenic upper stage. 

It truly is one of ISROs crowning achievements, responsible for several successful launches it was also the launch vehicle picked for the Chandrayan 2 & 3 missions. Which made India the member of an exclusive club of moon fairing nations.


Poster Dimensions: 33 by 24 inches

Please note that the product does not include the frame for the poster


Artists Note: Adip Mehta

Most images of space exploration are sterile with form over function, as it should be. But the reason I have cross sectioned the centre with bright pop-art is to represent the spectrum of all the crazy possibilities that space nerds like myself think of and imagine. Who knows what's out there in the final frontier. I'm a big fan of Piet Mondrian and Roy Liechtenstien, so there's that too!