ISRO Triumphs Of Exploration Mint Green Oversized Tee

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By A47

Step into the cosmic narrative with the ISRO Triumphs Of Exploration Mint Green Oversized Tee. This oversized masterpiece, adorned in a calming mint green hue, features dark green panelling on the sleeves and a subtle lining on the neck rib for a touch of sophistication.

The front delicately balances style with a bold ISRO word print, setting the stage for the celestial journey. Flip the tee, and the back unveils a mesmerizing medley of ISRO's historic missions. From the ground breaking Aryabhata satellite to the latest rovers and satellites, the graphic captures the evolution of India's space prowess. The design is crowned with a captivating roundel logo of ISRO, symbolizing the agency's commitment to exploration.

Wearing this tee isn't just a fashion statement; it's an acknowledgment of ISRO's remarkable journey into the cosmos. Embrace the oversized comfort and wear your admiration for space exploration with pride.

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