Kung Fu Panda X Mumbai Indians 8-Bit Battle Oversized T-Shirt

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By A47
SKU: KFP_x_MI_04_S

This vibrant 8-bit battle t-shirt design transports you back to the golden era of video games with its charming 8-bit style, featuring Po from Kung Fu Panda and your favourite Mumbai Indians cricket player as sparring partners. The duo stands confidently, poised in a classic video game stance that screams readiness and camaraderie. 

Po, with his iconic kung fu pose, while the MI player, bat in hand, wears the team's iconic blue. Set against a pixelated backdrop that hints a playful nod to both Kung Fu mastery and cricket prowess. Perfect for fans who love the nostalgia of 8-bit graphics and the thrill of sports and adventure, this t-shirt celebrates the unlikely yet perfect partnership between a martial arts hero and a cricket champion.

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