The 62 Retro T-Shirt

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By A47
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The Sino- Indian War of 1962. The Chinese were well prepared for battle, better equipped, larger in strength, and technically had won the conflict even before it began. India, who were completely outnumbered, and the West dubbed the war as Chinese aggression, while the Chinese called it their 'Counter Attack in self defensive on the China-India border, implying that it was a reaction to Indian provocation and in accordance with China's professed doctrine of active defence.'

Designer's note: Shreya

Despite being ill-equipped and hastily deployed in inhospitable conditions, Indian troops fought with valour to defy the odds. This artwork is a tribute to all the brave hearts who fought for the country fearlessly and a war that gave birth to an India that developed the will and the resilience for introspection. Jai Hind!

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