The Hawker Hunter Unisex Sweatshirt

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By A47
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Outnumbered by the enemy, an endless battle through the night, the Indian defenders from the 12th Infantry Division successfully kept the enemy at bay, and at the break of dawn were assisted by the Hawker Hunters from the 122 Squadron of the Indian Air Force at the Battle of Longewala, in the Thar desert, during the war of 1971. Swooping in with precision, the Hunters, a transonic British jet-powered fighter aircraft, along with our brave soldiers inflicted heavy losses on the enemy that resulted one of the most disproportionate tank losses for one side in a single battle after World War II.

Designers Notes: Gesen D'costa 'This artwork is dedicated to not only the Hawker Hunters but also to all the brave heroes that put their lives on the line and continue to do so to defend our motherland, India.' Jai Hind!

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