ISRO : Gaganyaan

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By A47

Gaganyaan represents a historic milestone for both ISRO and India, marking the inaugural journey of Indian astronauts aboard an indigenous crew module (H1) propelled by an Indian rocket (HLVM3). This venture mirrors the iconic moment akin to Neil Armstrong's lunar landing. The achievement is exceptional, as only a handful of nations have accomplished such a feat. Departing from our typical artistic style, the poster offers an intimate perspective, showcasing the crew module in orbit with a contemplative astronaut gazing through the window. This portrayal aims to underscore the gravity and risks inherent in the mission, emphasizing the imperative of ensuring the safe return of human travelers from space. Additionally, the poster includes the meticulously designed Gaganyaan mission patches, a testament to our pride in contributing to this historic endeavor.

Poster Dimensions: 33 by 24 inches

Please note that the product does not include the frame for the poster

Artist’s Note: Adip Mehta:

This was a total shift in my usual approach. Typically, I lean towards crafting scenes with distinct foregrounds, midgrounds, and backgrounds—it's my comfort zone. But in this instance, it's all about the foreground! The goal with this perspective is to evoke a sense of claustrophobia in the viewer, with the crew module dominating the frame and seemingly on the verge of bursting through it. I'm aiming to briefly place the viewer in the shoes of our astronauts, experiencing the confined space of the crew module for days on end.