ISRO PSLV Flight Through Light Cream Oversized Tee

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By A47

Unleash the spirit of speed with the ISRO PSLV Flight Through Light Cream Oversized Tee. This oversized t-shirt in a soothing cream tone is a fusion of comfort and cosmic energy. The neck features a subtle lining of red rib, adding a touch of dynamic flair.  On the front, a strap in four vibrant colours—Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Red, and Yellow—sets the stage for a bold statement. In the midst of this racing stripe, the ISRO word is boldly written in white, symbolizing the acceleration of innovation.  Turn heads as you showcase the back, where the same dynamic colours scatter along a line, creating a sense of velocity. Piercing through this vibrant spectrum is a PSLV rocket, hurtling forward at lightning speed—a visual representation of the boundless momentum of space exploration.  This tee isn't just about style; it's a statement of velocity, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of cosmic frontiers. Wear it oversized and embrace the journey into the unknown.

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