Navy Blue ‘Chandrayaan 3 and The Unknown’ Unisex Hoodie (Without Zip)

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By A47
SKU: ISRO_DCC22_Hoodie_004_S

Chandrayaan 3, ISRO’s 3rd lunar exploration mission to explore soft landing is planned to be launched in 2023. India Is heading back to the moon, armed with everything they learnt from Chandrayaan 2. The launch vehicle of choice, the GSLV MKIII.


Designer’s Note- Ruchi

The psychedelic art style I’ve gone with here and space exploration normally don’t mix. This is my attempt to create something a little different for a patron who prefers the unusual. I’ve also used some proud Indian motifs that seem to blend perfectly with the purple hues. Who knows what they might find out there, it could make this artwork look tame. 

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